Soft Tissue Tumours


A lipoma is a benign tumour that develops when fatty tissue grows in the soft tissue under the skin. It usually presents as a small lump and is not generally painful or harmful. In many cases, there is no need to remove a lipoma, but if it causes discomfort or you don't like its appearance, Dr Roodt can surgically remove lipoma. Smaller lipomas can be removed in the consultation room under local anaesthetic but larger ones will be removed in theatre under sedation/general anaesthetics.


A sarcoma is a type of cancer that develops in the connective tissue. This type of tumour occurs most commonly in the arms and legs, although they can develop in various other areas of the body. In many cases, a sarcoma begins as a lump that, over time, starts to push against nerves and muscle, causing pain and discomfort. If Dr Roodt suspects a sarcoma, she will recommend a biopsy, as well as imaging tests including a CT scan, an MRI and an ultrasound. She may also perform a bone scan to assess any abnormalities.

Treatment of a sarcoma often involves surgery, in which case Dr Roodt will carefully remove the tumour. You may also need to undergo radiation treatment and chemotherapy to ensure all the cancer cells are destroyed.


Desmoid tumours

Desmoid tumours are abnormal masses that develop in the connective tissue of the tendons and ligaments. In most cases, these tumours occur in the arms, legs, head and neck. In many cases, desmoid tumours are benign and do not typically spread to other parts of the body. But, in cases where the tumours do grow, they can spread affect surrounding organs and tissues. Treatment generally involves the surgical removal of the tumour and close follow-up as these tumours have a high recurrence rate.