Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Breast and Endocrine surgeon do?
Breast and Endocrine Surgeon treats disease, repair injuries, and promote health and healing through surgery. They can also do diagnostic tests and advise on whether surgery is necessary. These surgeons could be called upon to operate on nearly any region of the body. However, they are primarily concerned with diseases and injuries affecting the abdomen, breasts, endocrine system glands, and digestive system organs. Dr Liana Roodt and her staff are vibrant and knowledgeable specialists who delight in providing tailored care to each individual. As a sub-specialist practice, they focus on breast and endocrine (thyroid and parathyroid) care and surgery.
Will your medical aid cover all procedures?
Your medical aid will reimburse you according to your plan of choice. It would be necessary to consult with your specific medical aid and plan.
What medical aids do we accept?
The practise serves all major medical aids, including Discovery Health and affiliates, Medihelp, Momentum, Polmed, GEMS, Fedhealth, and others. Don't hesitate to contact us to see if we have a relationship with your medical aid.
Is a referral necessary?
Referral is not necessary. Patients can book the appointments themselves or be referred by their GPs and other specialists.
How do you book an appointment?
For any appointments and general queries, please do not hesitate to call our front desk on +27(0) 66 460 9785 or email us at reception@capebreastsurgeon.co.za.
How do you prepare for surgery?
Dr Roodt will go over each step of your treatment plan and procedure with you in great detail. You may be asked to participate in many investigations as part of your preparation, which we will arrange. Before admittance, you will receive all necessary information during your final appointment before surgery. Dr Roodt does, however, have detailed explanations available for each of her surgeries. For more information, click on one of the following links that correspond to the surgery you are looking into: